The intersection between maths and sports

By Admin | 28 August, 2019

If you are a Canadian resident, then chances are you have heard about the history-making event that recently took place in the world of sports. The Toronto Raptors, one and the only NBA team recently reached the finals for the first time since its establishment. For sure, you can guess the excitement that was in Canada amongst sports lovers.

Being part of the sports as well as book lovers, we are expressing the excitement that was experienced during the event by supporting the team and delving into the data and sales trends for the basketball books.We are committed to providing information about how the basketball category has been performing over the years, and if Canadians love basketball books as they do for hockey books.

Also, we are committed to offering some of the bestselling basketball books in the country. We used both the SalesData tooland the sales-tracking service for the English-language trade book market toolin Canada to provide you with detailed information about basketball books.

The Sales of Basketball Books in Canada Since 2008
To provide you with reliable and detailed information, we pulled the sales numbers and data from 2008 to 2018 for all the Non-Fiction/Sports and Recreation/Basketball category. This not only helped us provide correct information but also get a sense of interest in basketball books in this category over the past few years.

When you continue reading, you will get more information about the buying habits as well ascomparison to the larger Non-Fiction sub-genre so that you can learn more about the market fluctuations. Since 2008, the rate of sales of basketball books has been flat. There have been significant spikes in the sales, but overall, the trend has been pretty flat. During our research, we noticed that the Non-Fiction market had been steadily trending down over the same period.

The Sales of Adult and Kids basketball books in Canada 2016-2017
As we noticed, the NBA season has very little to no impacts on the basketball books sales in the juvenile or adult l category. There is a slight exception that the sales of the books tend to drop around the start of the NBA playoffs. As a result of this, we concluded that maybe basketball lovers are busy watching and cheering on their favourite teams instead of reading about them.

Where Basketball Book Sales Sit in Comparison to Other Sports Categories
To know the popularity of basketball books, you must compare it with other popular sports like soccer, hockey, football and baseball. From our research, it was clear that other book categories cannot compete with hockey in Canada. Even at the lowest points for the hockey category, none of the other sports come close to matching the purchases of hockey books.

Bestselling Basketball Books

Now that you know everything about basketball books, it is time to look for the bestselling ones and probably have one. The Book of Basketball by Simmons Bill, the Mamba Mentality by Bryant Kobe, Steve Nash by Micheal Grange and Dave Feschuk and Basketball and Other things by Arturo Torres and Shea Serrano are some of the bestselling books.

If you are either a publisher, librarian or retailer who wants more basketball books or any information about them, you can check out the SalesData, a sales-tracking service tool for the Canadian English-language sports books trade market.