Celebrate the NHL Anniversary with the Top 100 Hockey Books

By Admin | 28 August, 2019

The NHL recently celebrated its 100th birthday. It was established on 26th November 1917 in Montreal, Quebec. The players and the teams that make up this league have always experienced the love of many hockey lovers in Canada for the past 100 years. During the celebrations, Hockey lovers from Canada could take part in the important event in two different ways.

They could either join the players and other officials or purchase some books about the subject in question. Currently, there are many books that Canadian hockey lovers can purchase to understand more about the history of the NHL teams and league as well as players.

The books available range from the ABC for babies to memories of the star players to everything you need to know about hockey in Canada. Most Canadians have these books on their shelves. If you don’t have one, then you should look for it today.

Methodology: How We Came Up With Our Top 100 Hockey Books
Our journey to look for the top 100 hockey books started when we were gathering some of the top-selling titles with the basic BISAC code of Sports and Recreation/Hockey. From our research, we noticed that most of the popular hockey books were not on the list. Many of the books available had the basic BISAC code of Biography and Autobiography/ Sports. This prompted us to put our experience and knowledge of hockey lovers to the test.

For us to gather the best and most attractive book titles, we came up with a decision that any Non-Fiction book that holds the word Hockey in its keyword data or any of its basic BISAC codes would qualify for our top 100 books. After acquiring the ISBNs for the titles we had collected, we ran the bestseller report in the BNC SalesData and came up with many top-selling book titles from the past 5 years.

If you want to get your copy, you can download, print and display it. However, if you don’t want to display it, you can take a photo and send it to our team. At this page, we have all the top-selling titles that are arranged according to their popularity. You can scroll down to see the list. Once you have read your favourite book, remember that we have a simple quiz for you. Try it out and see what you will score. Some of the top-selling titles available include:

  • Orr: My Story by Orr Bobby
  • Mr Hockey by Gordie Howe
  • 99: Stories of Game by Wayne Gretzky with Mclellan Kirstie Day
  • Shift Work by Tie Domi and Jim Lang
  • My Life in Hockey by Doung Gilmour and Dan Robson
  • A Great Game: Forgotten Leafs and the Rise of the Professional Hockey by Stephen Harper
  • Bleeding Blue: Giving All for the Game by Clark Wendel
  • Straight up & Personal: The World According to the Grapes by Cherry Don
  • Don Cherry’s Sports Heroes by Cherry Don
  • Nine Lessons I Learned From My Father by Howe Murray
  • Quinn: The Life of the Hockey Legend by Dan Robson

These are the top-selling hockey books in Canada; however, our list has many others. If you want any of these books, then visit our comprehensive list and choose one that is suitable for you.