Born into it: A fans Life


Jay Baruchel tells us why he loves the Habs no matter the score. This book gives you an insight into the life of a super fan. Jay is a die-hard fan of the Montreal Canadiens.

He lives and breathes the team and was once named honourory captain by Owner Geoff Molson. He tells the world “I was raised both Catholic and Jewish, but really more than anything just a Habs fan.” This book is an honest and rare encounter with a Die-hard super fan and gives the reader an insight into just how far a fan is willing to go for his team.

When Wayne he first did up skates in the NHL, he changed the game forever. This is a player who has rewritten more records than any other player in history For the very first time, Wayne tells us from his side, about the greatest moments in his career. We get an insight into what motivated this record breaking star, who his heroes were and what inspired this greatness.Stories of the Game brings to life the decadent past of the NHL and the fierce competition that evolved in the Golden Era of hockey.