Quinn: Life of a hockey legend


Quinn: The life of a Hockey Legend is one of the best hockey books written in the last decade. Quinn died in 2014 and this book looks back at his amazing story. Pat was a genius of his era. When the world lost him, Tough Hockey players cried and the world cried with them. Quinn was renowned globally as a guy with very few enemies. There was no one in the league and in the fans who didn’t respect this tough working class kid who’d risen to the top of hockey.

He fought with superstars, with management and even with the National Hockey League itself. He was a success at every level and finished his NHL career as captain of his NHL team. Following this he quickly emerged as one of the very best coaches in the NHL whilst picking up a law degree at the same time. His personality was contrarian. He was abrasive and the Hockey world loved his tenacity and flair for brash sentiments. In the end, he was an unlikely reciepient of the Hall of fame. But he was an underdog that the world couldn’t not but love. Told by bestselling author Dan Robson, this is the story of Pat Quinn. One of hockey’s most beloved personalities.